Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Wedding Aftermath: Photo Segment 2

As I promised yesterday, today I will be posting a bunch of the photos that I got from my wedding day. To keep from overloading a single blog post with a thousand photos I have broken them done into the different events and stages of the day. I am quite happy with all the photos that were taken and the photographer gave me all of the photos in triplicate, one copy is normal colour, the second is a black and white version and the final version is a sepia tone. I am glad that she edited the photos to be sepia because I really feel that it matches the theme of the day, being that my wedding was steampunk.

The first batch of photos is of the preparation and getting ready, this focuses mostly on my beautiful Wifey. The photographer followed my Wifey around on the morning of because lets face it ladies take a lot longer to get ready for these things. All that work was well worth the wait because she was so beautiful that when she walked down the aisle towards me I had a little tear in my eye, more about that tomorrow.

Meanwhile while the ladies prepped my groomsmen and me watched the Karate Kid and Invader Zim. So the photos you see here of us getting ready were actually staged at the venue before the wedding started. As usual with myself I was early and therefore the photographer did not get a chance to catch me in the act of grooming for the day.

With large events like a wedding the things that pull it all together are all of the little details that go into it. For us we had many of those little intricacies that just made our wedding day so wonderful and one of those is the bouquet, corsages and the boutonnieres. These were tremendous and aside for some very frustrating issues with the American Postal Service were easy to procure. My Wifey found these on the site where artisans and crafty people go to sell their wares, the internet market place Etsy.

Check out the creators Etsy Shop: Nerd Nuptials

I will put up another post tomorrow of the photos that took pertain to during our simple little ceremony.

Sincerely Urban Yeti

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