Monday, September 17, 2012

Wedding Aftermath: Photo Segmant 1

It has been just over a month since my splendid wedding day happened. I know that I have been promising to post my wedding photos up and I have yet to do so. It is not because of my tendencies of being lazy it is actually because I have been trying to get them from the photographers. The wait was defiantly worth it because the photos turned out great, better than great they are fantastic and well beyond my expectations.

At my wedding we had the privilege of having two fantastic photographers who worked with us on our special day. There was a Main Photographer who followed us throughout the day and a secondary photographer who operated a Photo Booth during the reception.

There is a large collection of photos done by the main photographer and I will be posting a preview of her fabulous work today and will be separating into smaller posts throughout the rest of the week. However I will be putting up all of the photos that were done by the booth photographer today for all to see.

First thing first here is the preview of what is to come by the main Photographer, Her name is Christine and she is the creative mind behind Argent Dawn Photography;

Check out more of her stuff here: Argent Dawn Photography

Now for the main feature of today’s post the fabulous portrait photography, at our reception we had a friend of ours set up a booth at the back of the room for our friends and family to get their photo done. This also in a way serves as a sort of picture guest book for my Wifey and I to look back on later on and laugh. We with the help of our friends rounded up a whole bunch of props and relative costume pieces so that everyone could have fun and dress up.

Now to go with one of these photos there is one interesting picture that has a bit of a story to go with it. Most people have probably seen the film Wedding Crashers (if not I highly recommend it is quite funny) I thought that it was a myth that people did this. Low and behold we had our own wedding crashers, there were a couple of people who saw all the interesting costumes and decided to check it out themselves. Lucky for them there was a costume box which they could raid in order to blend in, I am not mad, actually I approached them told them who I was said I know who they are and said it was ok.

Like with all of my guests I hope they had a splendid time, I think it is interesting how they had a brief moment in the grand scheme of my life but I will forever tell this story. I like that they took a chance and kept things interesting. More photos to come I promise.

Sincerely Urban Yeti

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