Wednesday, September 12, 2012

WTF!: Bulling Elders

I am outraged and there is no better way I think for me to express how I am feeling about what I just watched. In my younger years I was picked on and as an adult whenever I see or hear about people being bullied I almost fly off the handle. Right now my hands are shaking with furry and I can feel tears forming in my eyes I am so disturbed. If this was physical paper and not just an electronic file there would defiantly be tear stains upon the page and I am not afraid to admit it.

 This is a video that has circled the internet of some children that are harassing an old lady who works as a monitor on their school bus. Not only do I feel awful about the ordeal that this woman has suffered but the levels that these little runts went to just so they could make and watch an elderly woman cry. Watching these feral children harasses this old lady and she just sits there and takes it makes me want to freaking puke.


To make matters worse at the end of this clip the filthy little brats go on to say that all her family would rather kill themselves then be around her. This is so extremely Low it is unbelievable even for children who should be considered the scum of the earth. The particular ridicule is also so harsh considering that this lovely lady’s eldest son committed suicide 10 years prior to this incident.

I blame the parents who raised these malicious brats children learn their actions from their parents. If I had kids and I ever found out they were being bullies there would be hell to pay and I can promise you that. These adolescent’s parents should be sued for harassment and these kids should have to face the same ridicule that they bestowed upon their elder.

Well it looks like one of the fathers of the little monster has stepped forward and personally apologized to this lovely grandmother. To me it seems that this father is trying to get his spot in the spotlight for fifteen minutes but the apologies needs to start somewhere. No one ever deserves or should have to tolerate what these creatures who do not deserve to be called humans have done to her.

The whole world has stepped up to the plate to give support and help to this woman has been mistreated. It all started with a Canadian man in Toronto who started a site in attempt to raise five thousand dollars to send this grandmother and her family on a trip and it grew into something much bigger. On Thursday last week Max Sidorov presented the abused Karen Klein with a check for a whopping 703,000 dollars.

All I can say is

Sincerely Urban Yeti

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