Thursday, September 6, 2012

Adventures in the YYC: The Terror Challenge

It is early in September right now and that means that my all time favorite holiday is right around the corner. Let the countdown begin now for it is only fifty five sleeps until the night where everyone reveals their inner devils. I am of course talking about All Hallows Eve, the one night every year where ghosts, ghouls and goblins rule.

I know that it is a bit early to start thinking about it but by golly am I ever excited, I was in Wall-Mart the other day and I noticed that they had already put the decorations out. I am a little disappointed that right now I live in an apartment and that means that I can’t go all out and decorate. The building I live in is locked and requires a key to get in so during halloween we don’t even get trick-or-treaters knocking on our door.

Why am I even talking about Halloween so early? The reason I am bringing it up is because of a Calgary based event that I just heard of. The event is called “Terror, the 48 hour horror film challenge” and they are open for registration now. The Terror Challenge is kind of the equivalent of an extreme obstacle course for independent film makers.

Basically For this event the competitors get a envelope and have two days to write, film, edit and submit a film. You can have a little bit of prep work before hand but not a whole lot because the envelope you get can have any number of random requirements to the film including but limited to Genre, prop, line of dialogue, character, film technique or style.

Read More Here: The Terror Challenge

I won’t lie I wish that I could participate in something like this but I do not have any skills that would even allow me to accomplish this. The only skill that I have that would help at all is that I know a lot of people who I could get to help me if I needed to.

I think I will go to the showing of the films that seems like it would be a blast to watch all of those horror films. I wonder how I would go about getting tickets to this kind of event or maybe I should volunteer to help out I think that would guarantee me a seat.

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