Monday, September 24, 2012

Tablespoon of Geek: Back to School - Chicken Strip Ichiban

For this post I will start by apologizing for not posting “A Tablespoon of Geek” last Thursday as I had promised. My life schedule was not reasonable enough to give me a chance to type up a recipe blog let alone get a chance to post it. Right now is my first good chance to get this post done and up and I am taking full advantage of the time.

Being that it is the month of September I thought it would be best to do a series of recipes relating to college food staples. Since this is the month of back to school season I thought it only appropriate to take those cheap foods and enhance them. Life is all about getting creative and turning mundane things into beautiful things and cheap food is no exception.

So far I have shown my methods for improving Kraft Dinner by turning it into a casserole and how to make Elvis’ favorite PB&B with a sweet twist. Next up on the cheap food list is the all time classic fall back for starving and broke students, Instant Noodles. Ichiban is a food staple found in dorm rooms across the globe due to it being quick and easy to prepare and today I am going to amp it up a bit.

This is my Chicken Strip Ichiban

You will need:

1 package of chicken flavored Ichiban
2 Chicken Strips
½ can of kernel corn drained
¼ cup of green onion chopped
½ a stalk of broccoli cut
Salt, Pepper and other spices to taste

Step one in this recipe is to heat the oven according to the instructions for the Chicken Strips and follow the instructions to make said chicken. Once the timer on the stove, for the chicken strips, is down to 7 minutes start boiling the water for the Ichiban follow those instructions to make. When you add the noodles to the boiling water also add the Green Onion, Broccoli and the Corn to cook them as well.

The instructions for the Ichiban call for the chicken powder to be added once the noodles are soft but I like to add it before that. When adding the stock powder this is the time to also add any extra spices that you have to give this meal some kick. By this time the chicken strips should be done cooking and removed from the oven, cut the chicken into bite size portions and add to the soup.

There are lots of other veggies that work with this simple dorm room recipe from snap peas to baby corn, whatever is cheapest. Hope you enjoy and I will be adding another edition of “Tablespoon of Geek” later this week.

Sincerely Urban Yeti

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