Monday, September 10, 2012

Weekend Adventures: Gentleman Party

If there is something about my group of friends that I like, it is that all of us jump at the chance to dress up. Whether we are all dressed as characters from some sort of fiction or when we are all dressed to the nines we are down for it. I think this love of putting on costumes is why we get along so well on top of common interests that fuels our heated geek debates.

This weekend I decided that it would be a blast to host a themed costume party in my tiny little apartment. The theme for this small shin dig was that we would all dress as classy Gentlemen and elegant Ladies, which because of who we are it took a little bit of a steampunk edge. Just a hint of the brassy genre was found here and there in the costumes because that is what we all kind of have lying around.

Dressed as such the best thing to do we decided was to bust out a board game and we picked game of Arnhem Horror. This is a very geeky board game based on the universe created by the famous author HP Lovecraft and his Elder Gods. The goal of the game is to work as a team to beat monsters and seal gates to other realms all while trying to maintain your characters health and sanity. I will more than likely do a post later on this week reviewing and evaluating this geek board game.

My apartment gets very hot very fast and the fact that I decided it would be fun if the lighting for the event was candle light did not help. So while we were all reading our character back stories and getting to understand the game I snapped off some pretty cool shots.

Due to the heat of the room and the fire everywhere the costumes didn't last to long after the photos were taken. However seeing the pizza guys face when i went and got the pizza while dressed like this was absolutely priceless.

We had a big crew and two more people than the game suggests that we have but we had fun any way, and we were really close to losing. Maybe next time it will be a traditional game of charades not that I have ever played it before.

Sincerely Urban Yeti