Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Wow from arond the Net: Pulp Fiction Hero

Most guys, especially geek guys, dream that one day they will be involved in a terrible situation where they have to rise to the occasion. As a part of this fantasy we tend to hope that while that incident is happening we will be able to deliver an epic badass monolog. After years of watching action movies where our heroes challenge the bad guys all while being aloof and witty we have it ingrained that hopefully we will be able to do that too one day.

For one movie geek who has spent too much time watching these action movies that dream finally came true. A man down in Arizona this month stopped a couple of thieves who were trying to rob a café that he was dinning in. How did he do it? He stopped them dead in their tracks when they tried to take his wallet by quoting the Tarantino classic Pulp Fiction

Paul Horner was standing there in the middle of a situation that was about to go south when he had a choice, bend over backwards or take a stand. He was contemplating what to do when he got a flash of inspiration from none other than his wallet, a replica pulp fiction wallet. It was in this moment that he began to quote the famous monolog done by Samuel L Jackson during the scene of similar circumstances. 

I bet that Paul went home thanked whatever God he prays to, crossed that off of his Bucket list and then probably threw on the film itself, because in all reality that is what I would probably do. I wonder if Quinten Tarantino or Samuel L Jackson heard about this if they would call him and congratulate him on this accomplishment because that would be more than awesome.

This strange news story is the perfect example of how a geekdom can change your life for the better. If it had not been for this man’s love of film he would not have had a muse to motivate him into action and save the day. I am sure if interviewed this man would recommend the film because it was a life changing experience for him.

Check out the Movie: Pulp Fiction

And what scene am I talking about, well if you don’t mind spoiling the movie for yourself then check it out here.

Spoiler Alert:

Oh man now I really want to watch this film like no other.

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