Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Wedding Aftermath: Photo Segment 3

Another day has come and that means I must keep my promises and post more photos of my wedding. As I said I would yesterday, today I will be posting the photos that the photographer took during the ceremony. They say a photo is worth a thousand words and it is true because looking at these photos and I remember all sorts of little things from the day.

I remember the butterflies that were in my tummy leading up to everything, so nervous about stuttering again in front of everyone. I see the photo of us all laughing because the good pastor Ray forgot to turn on the microphone before I started saying my vows. These photos serve as a reminder of the vows that my beautiful bride and myself shared with each other, and the laughter that said vows brought with them.

Read my Vows here: My Vows

And Her Vows here: Her Vows

I also look at these pictures and see how proper my best man Devo and I look all dressed up and toting our canes. We ordered these from a wonderful site called the steampunk emporium where cosplayers can find steampunk clothes and accessories.

Check it out here: Steampunk Emporium

The cane I used is called the Governor cane while the one Mr. Devo sported during the event was the Raven Walking Stick. Originally when we ordered these (the canes) it was suppose to be reversed who used witch cane. On the day of when we tried walking with them we found my cane was too tall for me while Devo’s was too short, simple solution trade them worked like a charm. We defiantly had what I have decreed to be a goldilocks moment when that happened and it is actually an interesting story for me.

Tomorrow I plan on posting up more of the photos from the day of my wedding taken by the photographer.

Sincerely Urban Yeti

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