Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Dungeons and Resources: Arkham Horror

It has been quite a long while since I have done a Dungeons and Resources post and today I will be adding another post to that topic. I initially started this topic for sharing tools that I have discovered for both game players and dungeons masters. When I was rethinking what I would talk about on this topic during my reimagining of this blog I decided to expand to talking about table top games in general. This means that I will begin to share my experiences with all RPG’s I play as well as any interesting Board Games I play.

With video games coming out they have slowly started to dominate the gamer market and pushing board and paper games out of its way. Even with the waning interest in the classic games there are a few specialty shops around that provide geeks with their fix but it is still a challenge to be a geek. This lack of interest will not deter people like me an only makes me try harder to find what I need to get my gaming fix.

Over the weekend I threw a Gentlemen and Lady party at my place and with the mood set to classic horror I busted out one of my newer games, Arkham Horror.

This is not a new game it has been around for 25 years now in fact but for me it is new and exciting. The game is based around the series of short stories based in a town called Arkham by the author HP Lovecraft. I will not lie I have never actually read any of the short stories but as I learn more about the Lovecraft mythos the more I wish to read.

We found that the rules for this game looked quite complicated and very intimidating at first glance. Honestly they took quite a bit of time for us to figure out and everytime we play there are more rules that we didn’t quite understand before. All these rules don’t even hold a match in comparison to the rule books that most role playing games have.

Read the Rules yourself

The game board is quite large and takes up more space then more conventional board games normally do. The large size of the board is a very necessary component of the elaborate game play that this game provides. Arkham horror serves as an in between traditional board games and the complicated world of role playing games.

This game is great if you have quite a few hours to kill and a small group of people, this is the kind of game that you might actually need to make an event out of.  I know my friends and I all had a blast and it kept us all entertained for five and a half hours from start to end. I suggest you should give it a try and can pick it up at your local geek store.

Sincerely Urban Yeti

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