Wednesday, September 26, 2012

WTF!: Green Day

It seems to me that there are a lot of things in the past little while that are revolving around the band Green Day. For those who may or may not have been living under a rock or don’t listen to popular music, Green Day is a three piece punk band that really got off the ground in the early 90’s. In the recent years they have transitioned genres a little from the grunge punk of the 90’s to currently performing emo pop rock.

A great many people from the time when they were first starting out, myself included, consider Green Day to be a massive sell out. In my life being a child of the 90’s I can say that the Dookie album and the Nimrod Album got me through some hard times of my own. However in my honest opinion you cannot take a band serious musically when they are the faces behind a special edition of Angry Birds. Especially with a punk band that is supposed to represent individuality and opposition to the corporations taking over.

One of the new trends in the past couple years that I can say I find almost ridiculous is that people hold their cameras and camera phones up at concerts to record it. Personally I remember a time when if you tried to take a camera into a concert it was pretty much a guarantee that it would be confiscated. The one thing about all of these cameras at concerts that is a bonus is that occasionally little gems come to light for all the world to witness that in the past only those in attendance would be graced with seeing.

Well it turns out that the Lead singer of Green Day had a little melt down on stage at a show in Las Vegas. Check it out below but keep in mind that there is extensive amounts of profanity coming from this eyeliner wearing male prima donna, so not for children.  

The thing that I find most amusing by how the lead singer of this band holds himself publicly is that in reality he is only a couple of years younger than my father. Now just imagine that your dad acting the same way as this grown man did in the video and you will probably be laughing as well. For those who know what my dad is like try imagining the stern German man swearing like a sailor and smashing a guitar.

Since we are already speaking about both Green Day and about the wonderful music of the 90’s I will continue on the topic. On the talk show Jimmy Kimmel Live this week the music artist Alanis Morissette performed a cover of Basket Case. Actually I like this cover to be honest and not just because when the song is performed by an artist like Alanis it sound way more whiney but musically it is very interesting.

Green Day is actually releasing three albums this year and I may give them a listen to but judging by how the last couple albums scored with me I do not have high hopes for them.

Sincerely Urban Yeti

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