Friday, September 7, 2012

Wow from around the Net: Assassins Creed

Every couple of years there seems to be some sort of new method or fad that comes out of the wood work to help people get fit. Right now Hot Yoga seems to be on its way out and the new one on the way in is a dance craze called Zumba. There is one fitness fad that almost took of but was too intense for just anyone to pick up it has been dubbed the French martial art of running away and it is called Parkour.

My aim is not to be insulting to Parkour by calling it the French martial art of running away, in fact I am a little in awe of it.  I have watched Youtube videos of these urban ninjas and am very jealous of all the crazy skills that they posses. I have one friend, my favorite ginger to be specific, who has actually trained himself to perform these amazing body tricks.

Right now I am kind of pudgy and not in any kind of physical shape to achieve this martial art myself…yet. It is one of my long term fitness goals that one day I will be able to clamber up a vertical wall the way that the Parkour masters do. I am working on building my body to be able to do this and I have set out a series of things that I will accomplish first, this is why I started running to be honest because I believe you must walk before running and run before running up a wall.

As always I have found a geek that has taken something that is not geeky at all and made turned it into something that is fantastically geeky. Ever since the mass Geekization, where the G-Virus spread and infected everyone, the internet has been full of the great geeks who have taken their Geekiness to the next level. I found a Cosplayer who has mastered the martial art of Parkour and dressed as Altair from the popular video game Assassin’s creed and performed both his arts in the streets.

Check it out:

One day I want to be as Ninja as this guy (his name is Ryan) is but everyone has got to get their start somewhere. With the running off of my fitness goal check list as of November my next step is to do the Plyometrics work out from the P90X series and learn how to do yoga. My ultimate goal is to pretty much be like a ninja, speaking of ninjas I found this hilarious Ninja Name Maker Give it a try if you can.

Take each letter from your first and last name to make your new ninja name

A.    Ka
B.    Zu
C.   Mi
D.   Te
E.    Ku
F.    Lu
G.   Ji
H.   Ri
I.      Ki
J.    Zu
K.    Me
L.    Ta
M.   Rin
N.   To
O.   Mo
P.    No
Q.   Ke
R.   Shi
S.    Ari
T.    Chi
U.   Do
V.    Ru
W.  Mei
X.    Na
Y.    Fu 
Z.    Zi
My New Ninja Name is Doshizukato Fukuchiki What is yours? Please share it with me in the comments below.

Sincerely Urban Yeti

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