Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Weekend Adventures: XFest

The worst feeling is being more tired after a long weekend then you felt before going into the weekend. Here in Canada we observed a statutory holiday that extends the first weekend of September called Labor Day. Quick Fact, This holiday was originally set up by the trade unions to give a day for workers to stand up for their rights and celebrates the achievements of the workers.

 I hope that little tidbit of knowledge was informative and expanded your mind, I found it interesting. That was then however now most people use the weekend as ether an excuse to party if you are over a certain age or if you have younger children in your care it is a crazy back to school shopping time. For me it was a busy weekend filled with events.

I will break up my accounts of the events so as not to give anyone an information overload today. Being that today is the first day for students to go back to classes the one thing that nobody wants is to have an information overload.

Saturday was an outdoor music festival put on by my favorite local radio station, the event is called XFest. What was significant about this show is that it was the first time that one of my favorite bands from high school, Linkin Park, has ever played anywhere near Calgary.  I got there a little bit later and missed a majority of the acts and it took me a while to get anywhere near the stage.

Right inside the main gates of the festival of alternative rock was a big bunch of food trucks to which we could enjoy their delicacies. My companion Kenneth the Third and myself decided that we would give one called H-Appy Truck a try. I got myself a specialty smokie called the Colombian, a fully loaded hot dog that was utterly delicious. I was very proud of myself for not getting any of this dish’s toppings on my shirt, I tend to be a messy eater to be honest.

Check out H-Appy Truck

I got to watch the Silver Sun Pickup’s set and of course the Linkin Park set, My phone camera is not the best but I would never risk taking my good camera. The only reason I can think of taking my good camera is if I don’t plan on having any fun. The light show that Linkin Park Preformed was way to intense for my measly iPhone camera to do justice for but trust me was awesome.

I had a blast and I must thank Mr. Kenneth the Third for thinking of me when he happened upon an extra ticket.

Sincerely Urban Yeti

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