Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Wow from around the Net: Halloween Pranks

Let us start today with how I want to wish everyone a Happy Halloween and wish you all a happy Hump day, I guess this makes it a Happy Halloween Humping Day.  Usually Hump day signifies the low part of a week, so close to being over and yet the weekend still seems so far away.  However with the fun holiday of Halloween paired up with the super slow Hump day it makes for an interesting time.

Most people take the time on Hump day to post about funny things to make the week seem not as bad. Tonight being All Hallows Eve the night where all of the tricksters rule the night and harmless pranks are afoot. To start this day some of my co-workers decided to get in the mood early by “renovating” another co-workers cubicle.

On the topic of pulling pranks on friends it is now just over two weeks until I move into my new house. This subject actually relates because I think that me and one of my tenants may start a prank war. This is something I am actually excited about because it means that I will finally have someone good humored enough to deal with some pranks. This is all dependent upon if he is game to do such a thing or not, maybe I should ask him or not, this could go JackAss.

Also with Halloween and Pranking in mind I founds this hilarious account of a prank that this guy pulled. His description, and his facial expressions while talking, of what he did is so funny I almost pissed myself from laughing so hard.

Tonight I am celebrating by going to a Halloween party for me and I hope to share with all of you how that went tomorrow.

Sincerely Urban Yeti

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