Tuesday, October 9, 2012

YYC Adventures: Run For the Cure

Over the last weekend of September I took my first step in a series of successive physical challenges, on Sunday I took part in my first run. The event was a 5K run called “Run for the Cure” and the goal was to raise support for breast cancer research. In total it took me just over fifty minutes to complete the full run and I ran for a majority of the way, only having to walk for seven minutes or about a Kilometer. 

This was the first time that I had ever been at or even participated in any kind of event like this and boy was it exhilarating. The energy that flowed through the crowd was intoxicating with cheers and good nature all around. The runners and walkers alone made up eight thousand strong and that does not include all of the volunteers.

The day began with face painting and performances from a folk band and a acapella foursome with an outstanding baritone, I have never heard someone’s voice go that low. Then right before the race began we did a Zumba warm up, it always impresses me just how much energy those instructors have. To hype up the runners as they all awaited the start of the run the acapella group got everybody singing the song “walking on sunshine”.

And we were OFF

All along the route there were people cheering us on and it was a feeling like no other I have ever experienced. So many strangers all being supportive of each other with smiles on their faces and cheering till their voices grow rasp. There were bands playing on the sides of roads and houses adorned from foundation to roof in pink. Strings of all different shades of pink bras stretched from street light to street light and we runners ran under them.

The morning after when I woke up and tried to walk I discovered that my thighs and calves felt like they were filled with rocks. Ultimately however I am proud of myself for completing this commitment and taking the first step forward in my fitness challenges.

This Run is the kind of challenge that will help me to improve myself and I am including this towards my RPG IRL sheet. Completion of the run is the first challenge that I am putting on the character card and the first step forwards on that challenge. The “Run for the Cure” 5K counts as a 5% increase towards my dexterity ability and also and increase of 5% towards my next level.

The next run in my fitness challenge is an 8k in November just after my 23rd birthday and I plan on running then partying. I am currently trying to convince my mother to do this run with me next year and instead of just paying a flat fee I am going to actually fundraise for it. Also I am contemplating running it next year while wearing a 40lb back pack but I will see how well the other challenges go before I commit to that.

Sincerely Urban Yeti

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