Tuesday, October 30, 2012

YYC Food Crusade: 2 Polcinella

In yesterdays post I described the adventures of my friends and me around town as a self proclaimed tour guides. There is one little detail of that quest that I purposely left out in preparation for a post today. It has been a while since I did my very first Food Crusade restaurant review and I think that it is about time for a second.

For the tour of our home town we stopped in at a restaurant that was located in the Kensington area of Calgary. There is this awesome little gourmet pizza place that is down in that area of town called Polcinella. A couple months back my dad took my family here when our cousin was in town for the weekend, I just had to go back.

On the inside it is a large open space that merges classic Italian feelings with very modern artist type overlay. One of the coolest features is that you can see straight into the kitchen and watch as the chefs slave away at your food.

Our tummies were all a grumble so even though it was only lunch time some of us ordered appetizers anyway. I did not order any for myself but my friends shared with me anyway out of the kindness of their hearts.

Mr. White had the Calamari Fritti to start. This dish was lightly breaded and well seasoned leaving a pleasant after taste in your mouth that left you craving more. Also I found that whoever cooked this is good at his or her job because it was not over cooked to the point of being rubbery like so many other places.

Sir Kenneth the Third started his meal off with the Polpette, Meat balls made of both beef and pork. They came in three and he shared with all of us, the sauce that they were cooked in was deliciously sweet. These meatballs were so good they practically melted right in your mouth.

My beautiful Wifey got the Tuscan Bruschetta for an appetizer. According to the menu the Bruschetta was house made and came served on an Italian roll. It was a little salty for my taste but delicious none the less with a bitter yet sweet after taste resonating in your mouth.

Being that Polcinella is an authentic wood stove style pizza place we all ordered ourselves a pie all of our own. When it came to these pizzas they were so delicious we were all a lot less inclined to share with others. These are one of the very few kinds of pizza that I believe are ok to eat with a knife and fork, actually I encourage it.

For myself I found my interest drawn to one interestingly described pizza on the menu called Vegetali Grigliati. It is a vegetarian style pizza loaded with red peppers, zucchini and grilled aubergine. The combination of these different vegetables made this pizza an explosion interesting tastes.

Everyone else got their pizzas and pretty much inhaled them they were so scrumptious, you can always tell when a meal is good because the table is pretty much silent. While I was choosing what I wanted to order some of what my friends did order were what I chose between.

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The main reason that I go back to this place is for their dessert, normally I do not have any kind of a sweet tooth. They make this dessert that we call the nutella pizza and this is about the only time that I will ever say this about a dessert “It is to die for!!!!”. I know that is one of the most cliché things that anyone could ever say about a dessert but it is that good.

Time to rate this restaurant I suppose

Food: 5
Service: 3
Atmosphere: 3.5

Grand Total: 11.5 out of 15

If you are looking for a pizza fix but want to avoid the grease than this is a spot that you should go check out. If you do make sure to order that damn good dessert, if you do then you will be really glad that I told you about it.

Sincerely Urban Yeti

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