Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Geekdom Crossover: Hipster Princess

Being born with male genitalia it was often socially frowned upon when I was a growing up to watch, let alone like any, of the Disney princess films. Now with that being said I didn’t happen to watch a whole bunch of these classic cartoon features during my younger years. My mother however will tell you otherwise and say that as a toddler Cinderella was my favorite film, and like most children was the one that I would watch over and over, I however don’t remember this.

This massive gender separation on this topic does not stop me, now that I am older, to enjoy all of these widely popular films. Actually I have come to believe that my Wifey enjoys the fact that she can educate me on this missing part of my childhood film repertoire. With Wifey in my life that means that just as there is all sorts of Star Wars merchandise around our shared abode there are pieces of princess paraphernalia lining the shelves.

As with a great many things the obsession of these iconic cartoons has evolved into a very publicly widespread geekdom. With every type of geekdom things will eventually evolve into something bigger, humor is born and numerous inside jokes begin to form. This has even happened to these fictional characters that all the little girls idealized growing up.

And Thusly the Hipster Princess were born

Then the Hipster Princesses concept went beyond just the internet memes that were making their way around the internet. One talented artist took all of the princesses and drew them dressed in the many common hipster fashions.

Check out her DA account: viria13

The Idea of the Hipster Princesses also grew bigger with the help of a very creatively savvy geek. While surfing the web I found this viral video about a hipster princess musical that was so well done it is just impressive.

Sorry that I have not posted in a couple of days I promise that I have not forgotten about my blog. More to come this week I promise just a small bump in the road.

Sincerely Urban Yeti

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