Monday, October 15, 2012

YYC Adventures: Museum Monsters

Another very busy weekend comes to an end and I am left with a smile on my face and stories on the tip of my tongue. I have consistently for the past couple of months have had very action-packed days on my weekends. This weekend was not any different than any of the others that have past actually it may have been more eventful.

The reason more eventful than the others is because of one main reason that I will talk of at a later time.  This post will be about something that I did this weekend but not the reason it was most eventful weekend for me. On Saturday evening Wifey and Me went with a couple of friends to the opening night of the new exhibit at the Glenbow Museum.

All around us were beautiful and bizarre pieces that delved into the hidden world or flight and fantasy. I am not an art critic by any means and this was one of those galleries that was mostly comprised of traditional mediums of artistic expression. I tend to appreciate this kind of traditional art compared to some of the more modern pieces.

The under lying theme of this showcase was not about the traditional monsters that you would think of, there were no Frankensteins Vampires or Werewolves. The premise of this is more about the horror stories located within the more classic fairy tales such as red riding hood.

I think that some of my favorite pieces that were on display were the Sculptures by Patricia Piccinini. The main concept behind a lot of Piccinini’s work is about the horrors that could be created by scientists who try to play god. Her statue of “The Big Mother” is heart wrenching and is so realistic it feels like it could move at any moment.

This was an awesome exhibit to witness and takes a more social look at what the fairy tales really mean. It is perfectly appropriate kind of display considering the time of year with All Hallows Eve just around the corner. It is with high regard that I suggest that you should check out this awesome exhibit before it leaves.

Sincerely Urban Yeti

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