Thursday, October 4, 2012

RPG IRL: The Beginning

Today is the start of a brand new month and I have decided that it was time for me to start an epic Quest. With each new month I like to reflect on the month that has just past and try to think of what it is that I need to do to get what I want our of life. As of the recent I have been using this reflection period for looking at this, my blog, and how I could go about to improve upon it. I have been using this blog as a means for me to set up many different goals that I want to achieve and as a means of sharing and expressing myself up until now the posts have seen kind of random.

Finally I figured out a way for all of my different interests that I post about to converge on one ultimate unifying purpose. For my future blog harmony I plan on using an element that I have derived from one of my many different geeky hobbies. The system I am foreshadowing about is that I have decided upon making a role-playing stat sheet based on me that will reflect who I am in a real life representation.

The project in question I have named the “Role-Playing Game In Real Life” and for it I was going to have to make my very own character sheet. For this project it required a little bit of research on my part of a few different types of role-playing games. To make the “Role-Playing Game In Real Life” (or RPG IRL for short) I came to the decision to use the D20 Modern character sheet as a starting point for my own.

Using one of the main ideas of character creation from Dungeons & Dragons the baseline stats for attributes are a ten. By using this baseline stat as a bases and taking into account what I have done in my life I came up with stats of my own.

The Attributes are as follows

Strength: Body Might and Brawn, A measure of how physically strong I am.

Dexterity: Agility, Reflexes and Quickness, A measure of how coordinated I am.

Constitution: Stamina, Endurance and Vitality, A measure of how resilient I am

Intelligence: Mind, Brains and Intellect, A measure of how knowledgeable I am

Willpower: Spirit, Wits and Psyche, A measure of how mentally resilient I am

Charisma: Presence, Charm and Social, A measure of how sociable I am

One thing that is a general constant among all of the Role-Playing Games is that on top of the character attributes the characters also have defined skill sets. While I was in the process of building a character sheet it dawned on me that I needed to pick a group of skills that were actually relevant to real-life. The challenge to picking these skills is that they had to be realistic and achievable, that means things like “spell casting” are a big fat no go.

The set of skills that I finally chose are mostly from the D20 Modern character sheet because it seemed to meet my purposes the best. I will not go through all of the different skills from that set and why I chose them nor will I list all those that I cut from the list.

The way that most Role-Playing games work is that as you play you gain experience and your stats then level up accordingly. As for how to go about leveling all of these stats up in real life I had to put a little bit of thought into how that would happen. After quite a bit of pondering I finally decided that the best way to accomplish this is with a completion bar method.

With the completion bars idea this means that each ability stat gets a percent bar as well as the total level. As I accomplish different types of challenges the progress bars will go up accordingly in 5% increments until the bar is full and the level or stat goes up by one point. Each challenge that is completed will improve a related ability score as well as go into the overall level status bar.

For example let us say I do an obstacle course that would increase my strength by 5% and my dexterity by 5%, therefore my total level bar would go up by 10%.

I figured that because I have already achieved some things in my life that I would start myself at level two. On top of not starting off at level one I know that of the skills listed I have actually started learning some of them and due to past training I gave myself the Computer use and the repair skill. Also I know can speak English fairly well so I put that in the skills as well and I am actually hoping to one day fill the other two speak language slots.

On the sheet on this page I have included the completion bar increases from my recent 5k run for the cure that I will be posting about later today.

Now I think that I have explained this to the best of my ability and I cannot wait to begin increasing my personal scores. I am also looking for any suggestions that may help me to improve this system so leave them in the comments below. Also I welcome any and all questions about this that you may have and I will answer them to the best of my ability. 

Sincerely Urban Yeti

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