Monday, October 29, 2012

YYC Adventures: Kensington and Piercings

It seems to be that every Monday I find myself talking about just how busy my weekends always tend to be. Not that there is anything overly wrong with that, it just means that come the start of my blog time there is so much that I wish to share. With life being as eventful as it is and me always trying to make the most of my spare time it just always ends up that my weekends are generally jam packed.

What exactly did I do with my time this weekend, well to put it into the simplest terms I played tour guide. There has been a co-worker of my Wifey that has been in town for a couple weeks and we thought it best to show her around town. We could have taken her to the local landmarks but she seemed more interested in more of the hole in the wall type places. With her best interests in mind we took her to the Kensington area where there is a lot of place that we thought she would like.

It would probably be best to explain that my Wifey’s friend is an easterner who comes to us from the greater Toronto area. She insisted on seeing what our city transit was like because she had heard so many of complain about it. Therefore we started our journey by taking the train through downtown and to the shopping district known as Kensington.

We started our tour being the geeks that we are by heading over to the comic book store Another Dimension. Sure there are lots of comic book shops and geek Meccas around the city but none have a bust collection quite like AD. 


 After the Geek store we headed down the road peeking our head in a few other stores including a record shop. It is the kind of store that hipsters and audiophiles jus adore for their large selection of both new and used albums.

After the record store and a couple of other stops we decided it was about time that we stop for lunch. This is a restraint that is a part of my food crusade so I will talk about that in a later post, probably sometime tomorrow. After we inhaled our lunch we found a candy store and decided to hit it up where we got a much needed sugar fix.

While in the candy store I was attacked by their zombie unicorn employee,

We spent the rest of the day showing our new found friend from across the country around our wonderful city. We browsed Chinook and helped her find a simple cow costume for a party she was going to later that day.  I hope that we showed her a good time cause I know for sure that I had a blast exploring my city.

On Sunday my friend Mr. White asked me if I would accompany him while he got a few new piercings. Naturally I said I would love to go and so the two of us had another day of toting around the city.  The both of us live in the south and don’t drive but the Tribal Expressions, the piercing parlor is in the north so it is quite a trek for us on public transit.

As I said I had yet another one of my very eventful weekends where a lot always seems to happen around me. Next weekend is yet another trek for me as Wifey and I head up to Edmonton for the Star Wars Identities exhibit and boy am I excited for that one too.

Sincerely Urban Yeti

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