Tuesday, October 9, 2012

WTF!: Pokemon vs. PETA

In this world there are very few things that actually ruffle my feathers in such a way that I become beyond infuriated. One of these uncommon occurrences is actually a very large organization of hypocritical stupid people, PETA. I know that I have already posted once before about how maddening the vegan animal lovers are, but they are just so self-righteous it drives me nuts.

 On Thursday of last week the long anticipated Pokemon Black 2 and White 2 were released here in North America. It has been five whole days and I still have yet to go out and obtain a copy of the newest installment in the franchise. The Pokemon franchise was a signifigant part of my childhood growing up from toys and TV to videogames and trading cards I had it all.

Those two topics may seem unrelated but trust me I have found something that has linked the idiots at PETA to the Japanese cartoon. With the release of the new Pokemon game the nut jobs over at PETA decided to launch an “Awareness” Campaign. 

That link that I posted above is to a viral game that is put out by PETA about how all of the creatures in the Pokemon universe are abused. The simple minded activists are taking their limited knowledge about a game but are only scratching the surface level of what the game is truly about. The Pokefans are reacting in an up roar and if there is one thing people underestimate it is the power of geek rage. 

PETA is a big bunch of fun wreckers who half of the organization have no idea what they are even fighting for or against. It almost seems to me that when people stop eating meat they become stupid and lose some of their reasoning skills. I think that I will be going out and getting the new Pokemon game this Friday not just because I was going to get it anyway but out of spite of this group of stupid individuals.

Sincerely Urban Yeti

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