Thursday, October 4, 2012

Tablespoon of Geek: Kitchen Products 1

Sorry folks this week there will not be a new recipe on Tablespoon of Geek due to the fact that there has been a lack of cooking for me. My schedule has been mighty hectic as of lately and I have not had the time to get in the kitchen and whip something up. I use to have a back log of things for a moment like this but while trying to back up my back log I lost it all.

I will not leave you high and dry however

There are some really cool kitchen gadgets that I have found online and am contemplating acquiring the. Some of the items I am about to show are not so much kitchen gadgets as they are dishes and means of serving meals.

The first item on my list of interesting food enhancers that I am going to share is a spray can travel mug. It is an insulated travel mug designed to look as if you are swigging down your hot beverage out of a spray paint can. Perfect gift for the little vandal deep inside all of us, and also imagine the disgusted faces of people who think you are drinking paint

Find it here: Spray Can Travel Mug

Now for a really remarkable kitchen item that would make the process of steaming vegetables ten times easier. It is a silicone vegetable steamer called the “Little Vebo Vegetable Cooking Basket” made by a company called Dreamfarm. The concept is relatively easy to execute you place water on the bottom of a pot, put this little device in the pot on top of the water and then place the veggies you want to steam in this. After you have boiled the water and the garden greens are soft and ready to eat you can use the convenient handles to remove the veggies and then serve them.

I don’t know about anyone else but my fridge is always covered in magnets, none are useful in the slightest but they always make a kitchen feel more lived in. well now finally there is a fridge magnet that has a secondary function other then adding personality, it is a kitchen timer. It is function going for it but it also has looks to go with it because by adding it to your fridge or freezer they will now look like they are a bank safe. That is right it is a Safe Lock Kitchen Timer Fridge Magnet, so if you choose you can pretend to be robbing a bank all while getting a snack.

Thanksgiving this weekend and I may be learning how to make a Turkey from Wifey’s grandmother if I ask nicely. Hopefully next week I will actually have a recipe to post up here, I am a little sad one of my best received recipes was lost… oh well guess I have to redo it.

Sincerely Urban Yeti

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