Thursday, October 11, 2012

PG Adventures: Thanksgiving Family Time

For my “Tablespoon of Geek” post this week I talked about how I was out of town last weekend and therefore did not get a chance to cook. I will explain a little further for thanksgiving this year my Wifey and I made the nine hour trek from Calgary to Prince George. It is best to be around family during the holidays and when you get to see Family you normally do not get to see during these holidays it becomes special.

To get from where we live all the way up to Prince George is quite a long trip but totally worth it in the end. I have a strong belief that everyone should enjoy the journey just as much as they would the destination. Driving through the Rocky mountains is quite an experience, watching all the beautiful landscapes as they pass by the windows tends to leave me at a loss for words. It is so stunning it really makes you realize not only how amazing this country but how outstanding the world can be.

Once we got there landed in the country side house it was essentially family visiting non-stop and I am actually pretty ok with that. It was nice sometimes being a fly on the wall and watching as this family interacted and laughed all the time. One thing I can say for sure is that Wifey’s Grandma made sure there was no possible chance for us to hungry. There was delicious food everywhere all the time and sticking to a diet plan was actually impossible but that is ok because it was totally worth it.

Being out there it was essentially like radio silence, sure we had our phones on us but for the most part they were off. We had so many other things to occupy our time that the lack of social networking wasn’t really missed all that much. Wifey and I didn’t get a lot of time to just the two of us and that is to be expected when you are visiting family.

Even though our lack of couply time was severely in lacking out there we did get the opportunity for a little us time. Her Aunt and Uncle were very gracious to allow us to take out their side-by-side Quad out for a ride through all the back country that surrounds there lovely home. Just as the drive up there carting around the wooded hills was beautiful and getting to look out at amazing views was very romantic, even if we both had on giant helmets.

On Sunday we all got together and went out to the golf course for the first ever family golf tournament. Bear in mind that I have not held a golf club in just about ten years and therefore promptly suck very hard. Luckly I was not the only one without any skill in the Scottish game of hitting a little ball into a little hill hundreds of yards away. We were devided into teams with all the couple separated and the terrible un-experienced golfers were also split up. I learn from this experience that I have a very good short game and that unlike most people with a driver in my hands I can hit the ball higher up than I do farther.

Every night after a large dinner everyone would gather around the table and play a large game of yatzee. Due to the size of the group it was a guys vs. girls game with everyone laughing and egging each other on. This isn’t the first time that I have gone up there for a visit so I am well aware of the yatzee tradition, but unlike last time I finally rolled a yatzee and brought my team to victory, on duces no less.

All in all it was a pretty good family weekend and I am glad we got to go out there this year.

Sincerely Urban Yeti

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