Monday, November 5, 2012

Adventures: Star Wars Identities and a bad Hotel

Today I have quite an interesting story for you about what happened to Wifey and I over the weekend. For those of you who keep track of my stories on this blog you will realize that for our wedding I gave my Wifey a gift of a planned weekend away. See she is a massive Star Wars fan and I found out about an exhibit that was going to be in Edmonton and I planned a trip for just the two of us to go there.

We drove straight from our house there and arrived to the Star Wars Identities exhibit a little earlier than we had planned. This was one of those events we went to with very little knowledge about what we should expect. Neither of us had really done any research into exactly what this exhibit would actually be about.

It was a really astounding exhibit that displayed things like the actual movie props and some of the concept art for the characters. In my opinion the best element about the whole exhibit was that it was an interactive experience. See the whole thing is designed to explain how people interact psychologically due to a whole bunch of different aspects and this is achieved by showing us through the character development of both Luke Skywalker and his father Anikin.

At the beginning they give you a headset that is attached to a radio receiver which hangs around your neck and they give you a rubber bracelet. Each of the items has its own function, the receiver picks up signals in designated areas that explain things. The Bracelets were to be held against different terminals throughout the exhibit and these terminals would help you to make a Star Wars Character all of your own.

Wifey and my characters

After the Star Wars Exhibit we spent our afternoon shopping at the expansive West Edmonton Mall.  This was the first time in a long time where we have been able to spend quality time just the two of us doing something fun. We got to complete some of our Christmas shopping and Wifey bought me some early birthday presents. I know what they are already but I won’t get them until my actual birthday which is ok by me because I know exactly where I will put them in our new house.

The trip to see the exhibit was amazing and went off pretty much without a hitch, I say pretty much because there was one really large problem. I made a massive blunder that if my Wifey wasn’t so wonderful would leave me sleeping on the couch for months to come. Before this trip Wifey was responsible for having booked the worst hotel room we had ever stayed in but the one I booked blew that one out of the water.

This is a series of progressively worse events that would lead to being the worst hotel we have ever stayed at. First thing I noticed when we arrived was how sketchy the neighborhood was, on either side of the hotel there was a loan store. To this all I can say is red flags went up and I knew at that point I would not sleep well at all that night for fear of our car getting stolen.

That would be the first problem we would encounter with the hotel and would by no means be the last. The next red flag that went up was that while we were checking in we were required to put down a 50 dollar cash deposit that we would get back at check out. That was a little fishy and worrisome, then came the first bad news that the elevator was broken and we would have to take the stairs.

After climbing three stories and arriving at our room we were shocked by what we found when we opened the door. The bed unmade, garbage left everywhere and what appeared to be items of the people who were staying in this room. Wifey was less than impressed and channeled her inner black lady with a finger wag and a “AW HELL NO” then proceded to storm downstairs.

The lady at the desk was more than apologetic and proceeded to get us another room while telling us all about how unreliable of the cleaning staff is. Here is a tip never tell the customer that your hotel cleaners suck that just makes us very aware that no matter what we may be in trouble. So with a new room key card in hand we trudged back up the stair case to the new room we were to be staying in.

We get to the room and though it is not perfect, nowhere near in fact, we decide we will try to make the best of it. A couple notes about the “new and better” room, first there was graffiti on the walls, the bath tub was unclean and there were multiple places where gum had been ground into the carpet, So much for the cleaning staff. Second off it was an adjoining room but the deadbolt was located in the next room, also the chain lock on the main door had been kicked in and was missing the chain, way to make me feel like I was going to get killed in the middle of the night.

So making the best of a bad situation Wifey and I decided that we were going to sleep on top of the covers to avoid any unwanted STDs lucking in the sheets. I was well aware by this point that I was not going to get a wink of sleep and was prepared for a long night of stating at the light encircling the door.

Just as the both of us had settled down for a long restless night the phone rings across the room. I stumbled through the darkness to find the noisy offender and when I finally get there I pick up the receiver. A voice on the other end of the line informs me “in half an hour the water will be shut off for the night” *click* I did not say a word into the phone and just put it back into its cradle, Wifey rolls over and ask me what is up.

I repeat the newly acquired information from the phone to her and after a moment of silence with us staring at each other she replies “Fuck it we are leaving”. So I let my angry Wifey deal with the crazy receptionist to get our money back and then we leave.

We laughed about it for most of the three hour drive home, it is almost ridiculous to think about it but that is honestly what happened. I snapped a quick picture of the graffiti on the wall before we left but the picture did not turn out as well as I had hoped.

I recommend never staying at a Howard Johnson hotel ever after this terrible experience.

Sincerely Urban Yeti

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