Thursday, March 29, 2012

Wtf Hollywood: Battlefield America

At work yesterday I took a moment to look at the trailers for up and coming movies on the internets best movie site IMDB. After watching the Avengers Trailer for the umpteenth time I found a movie trailer that made me die a little inside.
The Movie, Battlefield America.... That title is awesome so full of promise and paints images of an action packed movie about the fight for survival in an American wasteland. The Tag line, "Where kids rule" this now says to me we have a fallout style lord of the flies which just screams awesome film, cause who would want to see a book of Eli meets Peter pan.
My dreams for this film were dashed as I watched the trailer. This film with an amazing title an foreshadowing tag line is actually about a bunch of "gangsta" eight year olds who break dance. What is that about!
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The kids in this movie are early elementary school but they act like hardened gang bangers. It is infuriating to watch. At one point a kid with braces tells another kid that he is on his turf, you are 8 years old kid you don't have
"turf". It just looks beyond terrible!
Whoever came up with this story should have their head examined and if they are not declared mentally unstable then taken out back and taken care of the way old yeller was. Also whoever funded this terrible idea should have all their money taken away and given to me because I am a much better investment.

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