Wednesday, March 28, 2012

What if Wednesday: mythical beasts

The wonderful app on my phone gave me this very awesome what if question for this hump day. What if I could have a mythical beast as a pet, what mythical beast would it be? I thought on this for a bit before I busted out the good old D&D monster manual and started browsing through to find my new hypothetical pet.
I picked out my top 5 and give a brief summery as to my selection

1. Minotaur
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How badass would it be if you could have a Mighty Minotaur guarding your house. I think it would be a sweet deal to have a brutish half man half bull and all around scary creature keeping burglers at bay. I can see it now the high wooden fence of my future house with a weather worn sign stating " beware of Minotaur "; and as a burgler in a black and white striped shirt and wool knit cap laghing as he leaps over the fence only to find himself face to face with a snorting bull head attached to the body of a fully muscled man.
Another upside is that all minotaurs come with a labyrinth right and who hasn't wanted a labyrinth.

2. Succubus
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Now who hasn't wanted a sexy demon held captive by a belessed chain as a feature of their living room. This red skinned embodiment of sin would be the hit at every party with her awesome bat wings and sensual body.
Aside from parties this little vixen would also be quite a wonder to have during private time, if you catch my not so subtle drift.

3. Beholder
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Straight from the famous monster of the D&D books comes the mighty and powerful Beholder. This multi-eyed creature would be awesome as a pet. What more could you want then a powerful magical beast who can float. And just think about all the awesome looks you would get if you were to walk down the street with this toothed beastie on a leash.

4. Chimaera
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people are always saying that 2 heads are better then one well then four heads are freaking amazing. With the heads of a lion a ram and a dragon, the wings of a bat and a tail of a full snake the Chimaera is not only a furry pet but a scaly one too. Only downside I can for see is if the heads start fighting I don't think you could ever get them to stop.

5. Dragon
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Every kid had a dream to show up to school atop a mighty dragon and who can blame them. To this day I still wish I could ride to work on a dragon, who needs to car pool when you can fly over the streets and rooftops to your destination. Let us not forget the fire breathing, together me and my dragon could burninate the countrysides and rule the world

If only I had pets like these... I can dream still.

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