Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Not the fairest of them all

I love to watch movie trailers, very rarely do I actually see films in theaters but I always watch the trailers of up and coming films. So I was on the Internet movie data base yesterday and I saw the trailer for Snow White and the Huntsman. The trailer did what all good trailers do, it made me want to watch the film. Now the reason I find this to be unsettling is because the movie does look beyond epic but the beautiful and strong female role model is being played by non other then the emotionless female star of the terrible twilight films, Kristen Stewart.
To be honest it is just disheartening that an actress with little to no acting abilities can make it as an actress in Hollywood, the girl looks like she is a perpetually confused stoner who is in dire need sleep. At the begging of the trailer I was rolling my eyes thinking great here we go the terrible typecast Kristen Stewart being a damsel in dire distress needs a big gruff man to come to her rescue, oh the limitless imagination spewing out of good old Hollywood. Then things changed, epic battles were to be had, and low and behold the greatest Mary Sue of all time tied her hair back in to some braids adorned some heavy armor a long sword and a large metal shield, and prepared to fight.
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I saw her in the video and I was struck with this strange feeling that she looked freakishly familiar, I was pondering it and then it dawned on me. Vaako from one of my favorite movies the Chronicles of Riddick looks exactly like Kristen Stewart when she is battle ready in this preview. It made me laugh thinking about how they put the utterly stone faced Kristen Stewart into such a strong female role that would be semi demanding of some sort of emotional acting skill.
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It reminds me of the whole Kira Knightly phenomenon, putting such a weak and terrible actress into situations in which she drags down a film. If you don't understand what I am talking about think about how much better off the Pirates of the Caribbean would have been if there was a strong female.
Now don't get me wrong this movie looks like it might actually be good but i am jaded because one to many times my hopes have not been met. To sum everything up here is picture of a lost and dumbstruck Stewart in the middle of a medieval battle field looking like she does not belong.
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  1. We completely agree! My husband and I noticed the same thing. I couldn't place Vaako but as soon as my husband said Chronicles of Riddick, I was like yes!! The movie was good, but they could have chosen a better Snow Miranda Cosgrove.

    I made a photo comparison myself, it is located here.