Thursday, March 15, 2012

Enter the fifth

So the Internet is all a buzz with elitist geeks raving about how bad wizards of the coast's fifth edition of d&d will be. That's right nerds are discrediting something that doesn't even exist yet. Yes we know that 3.5 was fantastic hell I play it every week if I can help it.
However not only has Wizards approached actual players to field test the games, and used said feedback to improve upon the game but let us face facts how could you screw up worse than 4th. So I am very excited to give the fifth a good old run for it's money and if it turns out to be a dud well then then it will be a gaming one night stand.
So let us all look at D&D fifth as what it is, the company's putting money into the products and making more miniatures for us to run out and shell out cash for. Well let's face it even if by some crazy turn of events the fifth does in fact suck then at least there will be new minis for us to get our grubby little paws on. Think about it even tho the fourth edition really sucked all the challenge and imagination out of a game based around challenge and imagination we still all went out and bought the dungeon tiles and miniatures and hell I have even converted a few of the campaign books to function with third edition.
So let's all go into this with an open mind and if we see any power cards we all know to cut our loses and get the hell out of there to avoid any future embarrassment.

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