Monday, March 12, 2012

The weekday woes

So my weekend was filled with many arts and crafts, not your kiddy arts and crafts mind you! These arts and craft hand nails and screws, hacksaws and hammers the requirement of a heavy duty breathing apparatus. I felt like I was a mad scientist creating the unthinkable laughing maniacally as I added piece after piece to my spectacular master piece.
Granted I am painfully aware that I am merely making props but non the less a man can dream of creating a rocket pack over his weekend just for fun. In many ways my weekend feels like one of those movie montages where the protagonist aka me build some crazy Rube Goldberg Machine to stop the antagonist, which I don't have any at this time. But alas Monday strikes and once again the frivolous fancies of the weekend come to a crashing halt as reality once again resumes it's unmistakably draining coarse. I sit at my familiar chair managing electronic documents dreaming of the weekend past and the weekends yet to come
Now what was I building you may inquire well me and my lovely bride to be, my future wifey, the Bonnie to my Clyde are mutually working towards the finale of our massive steampunk group costume. So for all those steampunks and cosplayers out there you know that any good costume takes a lot of work to pull off the paint must be applied in layers, the glue must be left to dry the parts must be tracked down and acquired at numerous specialty shops the work of a cosplayer is never done until the last possible second. It also does not help when I am not only working on my costume but also the props for others.

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