Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Transcending media

So I am a huge x-men geek I started watching the cartoon when I was a kid in the 90's and it was nerd love at first sight. Nowadays I still love watching the old cartoon with my brother and laughing how great and yet how terrible it is.
I do not consider myself an elitist geek about X-men, I embrace the movies and own all of them no matter how many continuity errors there are. However considering how much back story and cannon there would need to be explained, and the limited time that Hollywood has to hold the fans attention they did quite well. One of the many pluses to this is that it brought new fans to the fold and thus brought new money to the franchise.
Now with that in mind it got me thinking that there is one media that as of recently has sweeping success and is heavily promoted by almost everyone,..........


I am not talking about their graphic novels because those are plentiful and well received by the nerd masses. I am talking about the written word, books with out the images but in their absence mass amounts of descriptive words.
And so I thought some more...
Then I had an epiphany, the most popular and wide spread of books right now is the teen novel. Primarily the ones focused around extraordinary teens who are trying to find their way in the world while combating monstrous evil villains in control of army's the likes of which would make a trained navy seal wet his knickers. And what is the X-men? Well they are a group of extraordinary teenagers trying to find their place in the world all whilst trying to defend the planet from those who wish to destroy it...


Now to top it all off all through out the X-men series there have been relationships that have a rocky time such as gambit falling for rouge even tho he cannot touch her, the impenetrable man (Colossus) and the girl who can walk through anything (Shadowcat aka Kitty Pryde) is fantastic or even Polaris daughter of Magneto falling in love with Bobby Drake aka Iceman you can't get a better Romeo and Juliet story.
Now myself I could probably never be able to write something like this but if this ever came to be you can bet your bottom dollar I would read it and sing it's praise. That's a big if but in that situation all I can say is Harry Potter watch yourself because this could be the end of you and all of Hogwarts!

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