Monday, March 19, 2012

How to survive a zombie apocalypse: guns

So during all the zombie movies I have watched with friends I find myself yelling at the screen a lot tell characters who cannot hear me just how stupid they really are for going into those stupid situations. So I sat down with my friend Mr. Devo and had a discussion about what you would need to survive a zombie apocalypse and how we would do it. So I decided to make this a weekly segment here on my blog where I ether find a useful survival item or fun tips for surviving.
Now to get to know me a little I don't think guns will help you in a zombie apocalypse setting. Why? Well there are multiple cons an very few pros to the use of guns. The pro if you are skilled with a gun or about to be over run the gun is quick and really useful. Otherwise the gun has two major cons stacked against it. First ammunition this will be in a very limited supply and if you plan on survival you are not always guaranteed that you will find ammo that is compatible with your weapon. Second problem with ammo is if you carry to much of it you will get weighed down. Now the Second con against guns is noise, if you have a nice hand cannon be aware that every shot you use to take down a limb dragger will draw at least six more to your location.
So let me sum this up for you guns are a bad call to use for surviving a zombie apocalypse. It is best to stick to melee style weapons weather they are actual weapons or just something grabbed to bludgeon in the sculls of corpses. I will explain my weapon of choice next week until then TTFN

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