Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Warriors assemble!

So what's new with you?

The question that we all get asked or ask ourselves when we run into someone we haven't seen in a while. Most of the time we opt to say "nothing" and then there is that awkward silence before you revert to talking about the weather for the third time in the conversation. This happens to me all the time, perhaps it is because I didn't move to far from where I grew up but non the less it is frustrating.

So then what's new with me????

Well I am training 6 days a week to get into a shape that isn't round.

And why am I training so hard?

Well aside from the endorphins and thanks to legally blond we all know that "Exercise gives you endorphins Endorphins make you happy Happy people just dont shoot their husbands" . There is the reason the I am getting married in August and want to look awesome when I am dressed to the nines. But the primary reason is that come September me and my favorite ginger are competing in THE WARRIOR DASH!!!

Here is the link to check it out

This is the video I saw that made me stop and say "I need to do this!"

Now if you have to ask why is this cool you obviously don't understand how much of an accomplishment this for me. For starters for the past two years I have been on a slippery slope as I not only gained the freshman fifteen but I doubled or nothing not once but twice, and then proceeded to become a smoker with asthma. So as of right now this is a challenge that requires dedication.

So how do I plan on achieving my goal of completing this five kilometer obstacle corse?

1. Loose weight, through the help of my friend Jessica over at Jenny Craig I have already dropped 25lbs of my goal 70 so well on my way

2. Rebuild muscular mass, with the use of Tony Horton's P90X I am using precision exercises to build my muscles up.

3. Build endurance, by running intervals I am reshaping my lungs to shake my asthma and to try and reverse the effects of smoking for a couple years

4. Eat well, so Jenny I teaching me portion control but nothing beats good old home style cooking. And one thing I want to do is be able to cook well for my future wife.

So I am well down the path three months into my lifestyle change and I will overcome all future obstacles.

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