Saturday, March 17, 2012

co-op saturdays: Borderlands Part 1

Let me start today off by wishing everyone a happy St. Patties Day and I hope all of you are wearing green to avoid the pinching. Today I am wearing a flogging Molly t-shirt with a green logo so I am untouchable.
It is Saturday so it is time to bust out the game controllers sit down with some Cheetos and Ice Tea Cool and have a good old gameathon. Now Boarderlands two is coming out in September and I decided that I should finally play through the first one. I have been wanting to play through this game for quite some time. So i called my Brudar and asked him to bring over his copy. Then me and Brudar sat and started a new file me playing as the hunter Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos and he as the the solider.
Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos
We played for a couple hours not really getting past the first area. After sitting for so long our legs started to get antsy and our junk food rations began to dwindle. We decided to put our controllers down and called Mr. Devo and went to rehash our childhoods and went and ran around some playgrounds around our area. Then we parted ways he went home to get ready for St. Patties Day and we went to every bodies favorite convince store seven eleven to restock.
Upon returning home we discovered that my character had saved but Brudar's had not. After much grrring he restarted as LilthPhotobucket Pictures, Images and Photos and we restarted a file from the beginning for a second time in the day.
If there is just one thing I have to say about this game is the graphics are awesome. The cell shading gives this game such a great atmosphere I think if they had gone any other direction with this game it would be no where near as fun.
Now let's take a moment to talk about those guns... Why the hell does my shot gun have a scope better then the range of the gun. The guns and gun types of this game remind me of the old ratchet and clank games in their bright colours and incredibly strange functions. The only difference between Borderlands and Ratchet and Clank is that in Borderlands shit blows up and blood and guts erupt from skags when you blast them to smithereens. Brudar found a scattergun that's bullets do a neon blue wave pattern upon being fired and only stop once they collide with something.
Strange yet fun game and I cannot wait to play more with Brudar on next Saturday. Look for part Two next week.

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