Friday, March 16, 2012

What if Wednsday: if I were a cartoon character

So I have a phone app that gives me random what if questions, now I thought it would be fun to write about these and go into some serious thought. So for each what if I will pick my top five answers and try to explain my reasoning behind each answer.
This week the question was, if I could be any cartoon character who would I be?

1. Ash Ketchum from Pokemon

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Why him he is such a loser? You may find yourself asking and my answer for you is I could do it better. I know compared to ash every trainer ever even Joey with his top percentile ratatta looks like they are the champion of the Pokemon league. Ash doesn't know how lucky he is to live in a world full of adventure and where hard work and determination will yield powerful beasts that you can control. If Ash ever applied himself properly he could find himself crossing the globe on the back of a powerful dragonite or surfing the seas on a mighty blastoise or perhaps charging across the plains on the back of a tarus ( he has 30 of them what a freaking waste ).
Now I know it begs the question of what Pokemon would I use? Not sure right now but obviously I would have Pikachu because he was Ash's starter and therefore would be mine too

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2. Donatello from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

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Ok so I know that most people hated Donnie when I was a kid but I thought he was awesome. See he was the only turtle who was a ninja and more, think about it he built all of the turtle tech that helped them out of garbage he found littered about the sewers.
He had a slew of useful technical skills, which is way more than any of his brothers could do. On top of his technical skills he was also filled with all the useful information that was always relevant to what ever trouble the turtles found themselves in. He was also the more docile of the brothers with a weapon that takes more skill to wield properly and is only used for submission not for the dealing of death.

3. Aang from Avatar the last Airbender

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Bad ass body tattoos...check
Sweet flying bison...check
Crazy lemur companion...check
Power to control all the elements ummm yes please
Ok so being the last of your kind is depressing as well as being hunted by those who committed the genocide against your people is not really that much of a good thing. Let's look at that as being a slight cost to pay for unlimited power. What would I do with such power? The fun would never stop I am telling you

4. Nightcrawler from X-men

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Oh man Nightcrawler is so awesome I don't know where to begin on this one so let me start with the obvious. Teleportation, how often have you just wanted to poof away to some where far away from what you are currently having to deal with. How many times have you forgotten something at home and just wanted to teleport home and grab it.
Second reason is he has a wicked prehensile demon tail. When two hands are just not enough you got your ass covered literally with a third appendage.

5. Matt Ishida from Digimon

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He was way better then Tai and had a much cooler Digimon, Gabumon, a reptile with a unicorn pelt who turned into a wolf then a werewolf and when provoked became a mecha wolf. Also in the show he was a way better leader then Tai because he thought of what consciences would become their actions instead of rushing into things all bull headed.

So tune in next week for what if I had to get stuck in an elevator with someone who would it be (real life people)?

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