Wednesday, January 2, 2013

My New Year's Resolutions

Alright here we go again with starting of a new year I feel strangely obligated to turn things around in my life. It seems that because the date has changed over from one year to another we as humanity want to make things better. This is actually one of the best parts of being a part of the human race is the boundless amounts of optimism that we can have. On the whole people always tend to look to the future with heaps of positive energy.

With all the talk of New Year’s Resolutions I turned to the almighty google to find out what the top ten most common ones are. Before even reading this list I could easily determine for myself what some of these resolutions would be, as I am sure you can too. Even if some of these are very predictable it is still a noble effort to try and better One’s self. So do not get discouraged and not try it just because it appears on a list that says everyone else is doing it.

1: Eat Healthy and Exercise Regularly
            This is the most infamous rite of passage of all the New Year’s resolutions, at some point in our lives we have all made this one, if you haven’t yet your time will come. Fear not if this resolution speaks to you for you are not alone on this one, even I am trying to rekindle the flames of my exercise regimen. There is nothing wrong with this resolve if anything just by saying that you want to do it is admitting that you need to do it, and we could all be a little healthier.

2: Drink Less
            I can understand how for many this is something that they want to change about themselves. This resolve also makes sense because it is probably made on New Year’s Day while nursing the mother of all hangovers due to letting loose the night before. This is one of the resolutions that I myself have made and stuck to, I have not had a lick of the sauce since June of 2012.

3: Learn Something New
            This resolution may sound like a very vague idea because we all learn something new every single day. This is very open ended because so many of us want to learn something substantially new like a new language or a musical instrument. These kinds of goals require a person to make some sacrifices an put in a significant amount of effort. I have made some of these resolves in the past and the are the hardest to achieve in my opinion.

4: Quit Smoking
            In a world where smoking is becoming less and less glorified it is understandable that many people want to give up this habit. With many places beginning the steps to outlawing the addiction, by means of making it pricy and limiting the places you can do it, now seems like a smart time to quite. This resolution kind of also goes hand in hand with the first two on this list of common place New Year’s Resolutions. This is one of the harder ones on the list because for so many who started it is very hard to stop, I have been there and all I can say is if you are doing this hang in there it gets better.

5: Better Work Life Balance
            We all want our live to turn out the way we imagine them in our heads and for many of us we burn out with our noses to the grindstone. The problem with the world is so many of us take jobs that are unfulfilling and consume a significant amount of our time. This results in feeling as if our jobs are consuming our lives and the man wants nothing more than to crush our individuality. What is the solution to this? Make both your life and work and equal priority and realize that you work to live not live to work.

6: Volunteer
            During the month of December most of us want to feel charitable and give back to the community. So when we are making our New Year’s Resolutions we tend to have this mentality on our minds an want to continue that spirit into the new year. This may sound jaded but after the season of giving is done and over we lose our drive to carry this one out. This is actually one of my personal New Year’s Resolutions, I want to get a group together to go down to the mustard seed and lend a hand.

7: Save Money
            The dream that we all have is of buying that big house and retiring early enough that we don’t run out of steam. After the Christmas holidays are done most of us look at our empty bank accounts and run up credit cards and vow that next year it will not be the same. We promise ourselves that over the next year we will take all of the extra money we make and put it away for a rainy day. We all go down that path at one point or another and if you utilize automatic withdrawals you might be able to succeed at this one.

8: Get Better Organized
            In the ruin that is the holiday season we look around our disaster riddled homes and think to ourselves that we are on the verge of being on that show hoarders. So to rectify this sensation when we sit down to make out New Year’s Resolutions we decide to change our lives and organize our lives. This is one of those challenges that is not unobtainable but requires some time and money, it is a bit more of a gradual process than something that happens right away.

9: Read More
            Our society tends to rate intellect on how well read a person is and after most of us leave school the need to read diminishes. So on the eve before everything turns over to a new year people tend to resolve to put down the television remote and pick up a book. This is one of the New Year’s resolutions that I endorse and I strongly believe that we could all benefit from reading more.

10: Finish those around the House “TO-DO” lists
            We all have lists of things we want to accomplish around our home and this one seems to tie in with number 8. Our weekends and days off our filled with the tasks that we want to complete in order to make our homes feel more well homey. This is a hard one to achieve because for every list you complete there will be two more to take its place, put if it will make you happy than I say go for it.

I found this master list online and I am not sure if it is the most accurate but it sure sounds about right. You can find it located on the world wide web here

If I was to use this exact list on myself it would look as follows

1-Attempt number 2
3-Aiming for a new language
5-Always working on this
6-Mustard seed here I come
7-Same answer as number 5
8-It is a process but I am soooo close
9-ACHIEVED (I read a lot)
10- there will always be more lists

Myself I have a couple of other New Year’s resolutions that do not appear in this list

1: Recommit myself to this Blog
2: Reconnect with old friends and stay in touch more
3: Get fit
4: Have more fun

The reason that we make a New Year’s Resolution is to try and find a way that you want to better ourselves. So I highly recommend that we all make them and do our best to try and stick to it this year.

Sincerely Urban Yeti

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