Thursday, January 31, 2013

WTF!: Topless Teacher??

Mentally I have hit a road block when it comes to my creativity, I don’t know what this is due to but I am trying to overcome my issues. As of lately I am finding it increasingly harder to find the motivation needed to push myself forward. This feeling is something that I am hoping to get over and push through purely by sheer force of will. So I am going to force myself to write about anything that I find interesting in an attempt to get past this mental blockade.

To kick start my creative juices I decided that I was going to put out my opinion about something that is a buzz in the news today. This morning I read a report about a teacher that was under scrutiny from the public because of the contents of her twitter account. The reason for the public outcry is because of some “topless” photos that she posted and a few of her tweets were about using marijuana.

My first thought upon hearing there are topless pictures of a 23 year old high school teacher was, this reminds me of that other teacher with a porn video. Then I thought damn those must be some very hot and scandalous photos to make her lose her job. After I looked them up I discovered that it was quite the contrary to what I thought, so much in fact that I can post these pictures and not feel the need to mark this post as NSFW.

This is the photo that is on the verge of costing a young lady her job really? I have seen riskier photos in sports illustrated swimsuit edition than what is going on in this picture. To be quite honest it stuff like this should not be all that crazy considering all the photos put out by the celebrity population. Hell if Kim Kardashian can have a sex tape floating around the net and still have little girls look up to her and want to be like her then how is this even a blib on the radar. If this teacher loses her job than essentially the population will be saying that it is ok if you are famous to do what you want but otherwise you must be a nun to stay employed.

The next issue that the school board and parents have with this teachers twitter account is her reference to drug use. First off on this congratulations Colorado on taking a step forward and legalizing pot and then taking two steps backwards and scrutinizing someone for obeying the new law. However I will agree that her tweet about having drugs on the premises while the cops do a drug bust was not very smart on her part.

Ultimately what people do in their spare time, if it is not against the law, should be up to them what they want to do. Honestly if every teacher had their private lives come into investigation by their employers then there would be a lot of skeletons coming out of the woodwork that would cause a large amount of layoffs. No employer should be able to tell you what you can and cannot do when you are not on the company clock. Any court that rules in favor of the school board in this is essentially taking the first steps towards creating an cooperate run world where the companies rule everyone of their employees lives.

Keep freedom of speech alive and keep hot teachers in the classroom, to make those awkward teenage years twice as hard.

Sincerely Urban Yeti

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