Friday, December 7, 2012

Preperation for pranking

The last couple of weeks I have not been submitting my regular amount of blog posts and I apologize for that. Right now I am forcing myself to sit here and actually write something just so that I don’t get to far down the rabbit hole. It has been hard for me during the last while to muster the energy to write something between the stress of a new job and the stress of moving I feel like all my creative energy has been sucked out.

Earlier last month, before the big move, I stated that if he was game I might be starting a prank war with my new tenant. Well he said we was down for such a thing and I said that once we were all moved in and set up it would begin. With that stipulation in mind I am hoping to finish that off this weekend so that the plotting and scheming may begin.

There have been a couple of well documented prank videos spiraling around the internet this week and to start it all off. The first is a warning that pranks can possibly go terribly wrong and to check myself before I wreck… my enemy.

It was funny to watch the reactions of my co-workers as that girl got hit by the car it was priceless. I am really hoping that car was staged it was so realistic that I am not entirely sure but I certainly hope so. If what happens in the next video ever happened to me I might be incarcerated for assaulting a small child.

Well that is all for now I have been really lacking on posting and I am hoping to turn that around in the coming weeks. With Christmas just around the corner I am sure there will be tons of festive things that I can share with all of you.

Sincerely Urban Yeti

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