Wednesday, February 3, 2010

On ward to the ark my pets

well hello again all those out there on the world wide web!

so i have almost perfected the brothers and Mitch is now a cakewalk for me to draw now. so what does a comic need besides characters well how about a story arch or two. hmm perhaps i should start looking to the future of this comic and those who inhabit it. I should start by build the story arch and then i will build the individual strips.

So I have also been working on secondary characters to be introduced at a later date. For starters there is Nathan he is Aidan's best friend and lives next door with Andy a child genius he is a bigger boy and is fairly socially awkward. If i told you all about Jackie then i would be giving away too much but she is quite an interesting character. On the other side of the Brothers apartment there will be Brian and Mary-Jane, now these two will be fun to joke around with both of them are sexual fiends but they haven't slept together as of yet. I have a slew of other characters in mind but none down on the page as of yet.

Now I have some goals for the next week so until then

This is Yell Out Mitch
Signing Off

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