Saturday, November 5, 2011

Long hard run

So I keep getting lost in excuses it seems I want very dearly to create, this website and every time I say to my self "this week I am going to work on it!" I wind up procrastinating with something. The only actual work I have done is at my paying job instead of doing what I get paid to do. On top of my procrastinating there is this thing called life that keeps getting in the way. I have a three day weekend and I am currently in Banff for the whole weekend and unable to work on my little pet project. Maybe I am so cranky due to the lack of sleep or maybe I am internalizing all my self loathing but not happy about this weekend. Curse you social obligation, curse you.

On a high not however I am going to be shopping in Banff for four hours yay! This is not sarcasm I generally excited for this they have the coolest little shops. And I am on a mission to find a cool used tarot deck for my broham, Christmas December the world has truly gone mad.

Total comics drawn:6.5
Total comics coloured: 0
Website completion: 1%

Till next time

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